RNS Alerts App

When investing in the stock exchange, keeping track of company RNS news announcements is highly important. The quicker you get the news, the smarter decisions you can make.

RNS Alerts is a simple to use app that lets you enter stock market tickers and whenever news is announced from one of your companies, a real-time notification is sent to your phone with a link to the RNS.

The app covers all companies listed on the London stock market, including AIM companies.

No personal details are required to use RNS Alerts, we do not collect your name, email address or even telephone number. There are no accounts to setup at all and no charges for receiving notifications.

Free RNS Alert

RNS Alerts is completely free to use for up to 3 stock market tickers. You can subscribe within the app if you require to track news from more companies.

The app is available for Android phones & tablets as well as the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad. Install it for free using the relevant app stores.

  •  Android

  •  iPhone/iPad